Why is it worth using bar trays with a non-slip surface?

Have you ever pondered how to improve safety and convenience in your catering venue, bar or hotel? The key to success may lie in choosing the right work tools, such as bar trays with a non-slip surface. This simple item can bring many benefits to both staff and customers. You can read more about their advantages in the article.

Enhanced workplace safety

By far the most notable merit of ECO bar trays manufacturer with non-slip surface is to improve work safety. In the hustle and bustle of daily duties, staff often have to move quickly between tables, carrying food and drinks. By utilising bar trays with a non-slip surface, the risk of falling utensils and potential injury to staff or customers is reduced. A special coating ensures that even wet dishes or glasses remain stable on the tray, avoiding unpleasant situations.

Ease of use

One of the critical aspects of serving guests in a catering establishment is responding efficiently and quickly to their needs. Bar trays with a non-slip surface, which are offered by ECO manufacturer of plastic products – Noex, is a guarantee of increased efficiency and comfort of work. Thanks to the ergonomic design and proper balance, these trays are easy and convenient to use, which translates into better work results and customer satisfaction.

Save your time and money

It is easy to guess that the use of bar trays with a non-slip surface has a positive effect on the operating costs of the premises. By avoiding the fall of the vessels, the risk of their damage or destruction is also reduced, which allows to save money for their replacement or repair. What is more, by shortening customer service time and the ease of carrying food and drinks, staff can use their time more efficiently, which results in faster service and higher guest rotation.

Aesthetics and durability

The bar trays with a non-slip surface from an ECO manufacturer are not only functional and safe, but also aesthetically pleasing. As they are made of high-quality materials such as plastic, they are not only durable, but also look elegant against the background of the interior of the premises. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colour schemes to suit everyone’s individual needs.